ADDICTIONARY is a 16-week program that has been designed to address not the substance or behavior but the root-cause of what lies underneath: the void or emptiness we feel inside.

It is set up in such a way that you complete one topic per week. This way it gives you time to integrate each lesson rather than just ‘store’ the knowledge in your already busy mind.


Why Should you consider addictionary?

There are MILLIONS ‘experts’ out there, claiming to have the magic pill or golden key. Well I am a firm believer in ‘self-help’ because it empowers my clients rather than keeps them dependent on me for life.

Working with Addictionary, one of my greatest joys is watching the huge transformations that my clients go through from having newfound belief in themselves, to being able to attract the relationships and life of their dreams. One of the challenges with addiction is often how bad we think we are as a person. Most carry so much shame and guilt around what we (they) do while others are in complete denial.

Addictionary goes through an exact step by step process, getting you to develop and utilize your own strengths and resources and empty and clear past ‘baggage’ so you never have to worry about shame and guilt again.


The Benefits

  • Take back control and re-align your life to the right direction

  • Discover the true strength of your potent willpower

  • Get access to 24-hour online assistance

  • Connect with others on the same path and journey as you

  • Tap into your own ocean of power and ride the waves of success


  • Understand what Addiction really is

  • Recognize the need for a WHY

  • Explore and improve your relationship to yourself

  • Learn to properly communicate and express your feelings

  • Distinguish who the real enemy is

  • Look forward to the future and discover your goals


  • Take part in weekly lessons carefully designed to take time in healing

  • Reflect on the past and how to learn from it

  • Realign your life to the best direction

  • Write reflective notes to absorb your thoughts more effectively

  • Gradually take back control of your life

It is in the doing of the thing that you gain the courage and the strength to do the thing.


 For only $1394 USD

You’ll get,

  • The 16-week Addictionary Training Program (valued at $2997)

In which you’ll learn:

  • The number one secret to achieving long lasting change!

  • Where you picked up the beliefs and behaviours you present to the world.

  • Your Self-Esteem blueprint. A proven formula to analyze and increase your level of self-esteem in a few easy steps

  • How to set boundaries and keep them set up for healthier relationships and a smoother life

  • All about which coping strategies you use that are not helping you and how to change them

  • How to have meaningful and healthy relationships

You’ll also get:

Wheel Of Life Tool (valued at $129):

  • A birds eye view of what areas are not working in your life so you get a direct look at where you need to start working



The total value is over $3000 ($3126) and all for only $1394 USD!


The best person that can help us, with just the right amount of motivation, is ourselves.