Beta Release is one of the most powerful healing practices a person can have. It is an alignment process that balances out the left and right lobes of the brain.

It deals with the bioplasmic subtle body (Brain and central nervous system, taking it out of inappropriate states of stress so that the body’s natural energy flow can resume. The alignment clears blocked energy points throughout the body and opens the Charkas.

It is a real way to engage the very best part of yourself … your higher-self. With this enhanced connection you will find it easier to perform and stay centered during the turmoil and pressures encountered in stressful times.

Beta Release is a dynamic, proven way to move individuals from weakness and outer reactiveness to strength and being inner directed. It is an extremely effective way to stop stress from needlessly draining your life energy. Beta Release is considered by many professionals to be a breakthrough discovery in the evolution of consciousness and is a significant step forward in the technology of the human potential. It is a real way for people to find inner peace and meaning in life and living.

It is a real way to engage the very best part of yourself … your higher-self. With this enhanced connection you will find it easier to perform and stay centered during the turmoil and pressures encountered in stressful times.

You will experience greater strength, harmony and ease in all areas of your life, but bear in mind that things sometimes get worse before they get better. It also will bring up things that we need to work on and are not clear with, like past resentments, shame and guilt etc, with the purpose of moving past these things that consciously and subconsciously run us and our lives. This remarkable approach allows you to reach a level of sustained awareness as well as a state of profound spiritual, mental, physical and emotional balance that most adults rarely achieve.


Why should you experience this?

The alignment process is accomplished with you lying on your back with your head at the high end of the alignment table. The process involves several physical movements and is accomplished in less than 30 seconds. It is generally a very pleasant experience and though painless, there is occasionally a soft popping sound, such as is made when popping the knuckles in your fingers.

The sound is simply air escaping the joints and it means nothing to the process. This is not a chiropractic adjustment! It does not manipulate the spine or joints it simply stretches them, however many people report relief from short and long term pain associated with various parts of the body including back and neck injuries. Generally, the more you need the alignment procedure, the more likely you are to feel it. The rule is: the more blocked and tight you are, the more you need and feel it. And you feel it where you need it most. It’s like opening a faucet: energy flows where it needs to go.


There is always a period of corrective change that everyone must pass through. When a person is out of balance and headed down, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Similarly, it’s not all sunshine and roses for a person getting back into alignment and heading up … there must be a time of transition. That is why it is also important to experience the alignment process as often as possible in the beginning to retrain the body and mind to be reconnected to its state of balance.

Tension Changes

The alignment process doesn’t directly relieve muscle tension. Its immediate effect is the integration of the subtle life forces within the body – mind – spirit continuum. When the alignment is administered, the left and right hemispheres of the brain synchronise, stress circuits shut down and a more natural balance, called homeostasis is established. This allows energy to be used more effectively. Bi-laterally weak muscle groups instantly regain greater tonus, while their contracted counterparts, or polar opposites begin to relax.

Muscle Tension

As weak muscles regain strength and opposing tight muscles are forced to relax, some slight discomfort may be experienced. A muscle that has been tight for some time resists change. As a result of this you may feel more tense after an alignment. Do not be concerned as in most cases the discomfort will only last a short time. Your muscular system is correcting itself in a healthy, powerful way. The discomfort can be eased by taking a hot shower and letting the water play across those muscle groups that are in transition. This works. One caution though: do not use wet heat for more than 4 to 6 minutes.

Vascular Changes

When tension levels dramatically drop in the neck area, some very important corrective reactions generally occur early on. These corrective changes are often obvious. This is particularly noticeable for people who have carried a great deal of tension in the neck and shoulder area. These people sometimes, but not always, have a history of inner ear trouble, like dizziness, noises and/or deafness. They experience times of mental sluggishness and forgetfulness and have vascular symptoms in the head like throbbing, aching and sloshy type feelings.

Blood Pressure

The pressure of blood in the head is dramatically changed when tension levels in the neck drop. It’s like squeezing a water hose, causing the water to shoot out with force and then relaxing the pressure, allowing the water to flow normally. When this happens in a chronically tense neck, the force of the blood going into the head drops. Blood vessels that were having difficulty bringing blood out of the head due to excessive pressure are now able to relax and adapt to the more natural changes.

If neck tension has been there for some time or the tension has been excessive, the adaptation time is usually no more than a few minutes. However, sometimes the adaptation phase may take as long as one to two days.

Enhancing Your Alignments

After your alignment it is important to rest for at least an hour. This rest allows the mind-body-spirit integration to take effect. It is a crucial healing time for your body and it is best to reserve your energy for healing rather than anything else. Just as you need to rest when you are ill for recuperation your body requires rest to heal its imbalances. Maximum healing takes place in the first six or seven hours after an alignment. After this time the major beneficial effects of the process gradually diminish as tension returns. This is due to cellular memory, time, the stress of today’s fast pace world and the fact that a person has been out of alignment for years. Therefore it is important during the initial stages of the Beta Release process to have it done as often as possible so that excessive tension, weakness and imbalance do not return.

After Your Alignment

You are now balanced, stronger and less tense. You may notice a sense of connectedness and calmness within yourself. You are now using your energy more efficiently than ever before. Things may seem brighter, you may feel lengthened, open and refreshed. You are structurally more alive, awake and aware than you were before the alignment.

After your alignment, the hemispheres of the brain are all functional and can more effectively balance energy throughout the body. This promotes overall healing, which occurs organ by organ and cell by cell, according to their priorities in the survival scheme. This is not symptom relief, but with time, as cells continue to heal, symptoms eventually disappear.


You are now in the most beneficial state for your own inner wisdom to do what it knows, wants and should have done naturally, but did not because it was keeping you on ‘emergency standby’ when there was no emergency. You have now tapped into your own natural healing resource. This is important because the body is a self correcting mechanism that works in a priority way. When you are ‘in alignment’ the physical priority is optimal function: a healing, creative mode.


You are now integrating the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The longer we can maintain, encourage and nurture this integration, the easier it will be for you to ‘play your own game’ and not let outside influences affect you so easily and you will be inner actualised rather than outer reactive. All of these attributes are critical to adequately cope in this stressful time and culture.


You are now more in tune with your own inner source of power, wisdom and inspiration. You are aligned, open and balanced.