A moment in time...

I had just finished my run around the rivers in Perth WA. I had done a great time, my best yet and grabbed my towel and water bottle out of the car and proceeded towards an empty park bench overlooking the Swan River to reflect.

It was a beautiful crisp morning with the sun shining brightly, not a cloud in the morning sky and birds busily chirping their songs to each other and possibly to us.

Just before I got to the bench an elderly woman (Not old but elderly … distinguished) made a b-line for the bench also. She got there before I did and laid her jacket down on the bench to sit on before sitting back and sipping her take away cuppa and for a second I thought about finding somewhere else to sit … to be alone. I thought better of it and took a seat on the opposite end of the bench.

As I sat back to enjoy the breathtaking view before us I said to her “Wow what a magnificent day hey?” She replied “Yes it is” and we exchanged courtesies for a while. Then she explained that she had been a nurse for a long time and shared some stories about death and near death experiences and I shared some of my journey with her. We exchanged names and she told me her name was Trisha.

As we got talking though I could see there was more to this lady than meets the eye and decided to ask her the three questions

1- What’s the one piece of advice you would give me from your life?

“Love yourself above all else” she replied. “We spend so much of our lives focusing on others and making sure they are all right and we forget about that one truly special person that needs it the most.”

It was no mistake that the night before I had gone through a little ritual to let go of an old flame that I still had strong feelings for. Although I had fought those feelings and broken all contact so that I could get back to me I hadn’t realized that I was still keeping this flame alive and in doing so depleting mine in the process.

So I sat in my meditation space with some beautiful peaceful music going and I got in touch with that place inside of me that was hanging on and I let her go with love. I cried as I wished her and myself every happiness in life and love. As I let her go I felt an enormous sense of relief and weight lifted that I hadn’t even realized was there. It took only a few minutes but I feel so much more connected to me again. It is amazing how and where our energy can be depleted without our conscious knowledge.

Question number two:

2- What’s the most profound experience of your life?

“I’ve already told you that one” she smiled. “My first experience of saving someone’s life as a nurse and when we finally revived this woman she was so angry that we’d brought her back to life. She said she was in such a lovely place and so at peace she didn’t want to come back.”

Trisha went on to elaborate more on her own near death experience as a child. She explained that she saw a tunnel of light and it was such a peaceful calm feeling that it had a profound impact on her life. Then working as a nurse and hearing other peoples similar experiences of near death confirmed her belief in life after death.

This reminded me of when I nearly drowned as an eight year old. I was swimming in the ocean and was dumped by a wave and as I got up, out of breath, I was dumped by another wave. I remember screaming under water and panicking until I was completely out of breath and then I let go and just floated. I have never felt a sense of calm and almost belonging feeling like that in my life since. It wasn’t at all scary after the panic had gone it was a homely feeling … strangely safe.

The next thing I remember was being pulled out of the water by the hair with an old guy dragging me to shore. I cried and coughed up water but was ok.

3- What is the greatest thing someone has ever done for you?

“That’s a hard” one she said. “I have had so much done for me in my life.” After a few moments in thought she continued, “It would have to be the gift of friendship. I have been so blessed with friends in my life who support and love me and I think that has made my life so much more special”

I am reminded about what is important in life again although I knew this already I easily forget the significance of it. I look back over my life and see how easy it is to get caught up in the material things. Money, car, job, home and forget about what’s really important.

I have more friends in my life now than ever before who will do anything for me and I for them. Though I had a lot of associates before I never really understood the meaning of true friendship. People I can count on to love, support and challenge me and for me to be prepared to do that for them.

Needless to say I am extremely grateful that I took my place on that park bench today as guided by the universe and that I stopped and checked in with one of its angels. Thank you Trisha from myself and on behalf of all those people you touch on a daily basis with your caring compassionate nursing.

Dean Powell