Successful People

I was reminded again last night about the importance of hanging around with people who are at a ‘higher level’ of growth than ourselves (In certain areas of life) to give us that push and direction we yearn for.

I had just finished tea with two close friends who are absolute experts in the area of food/body/science and we were working through details for an up and coming seminar we are putting on. (Ironically diet related)

I got up a couple of times without even realizing to ‘scan’ the fridge and the pantry when one friend laughed and told me that I was ‘prowling’

She then went on to explain how important it is to get the right amount of healthy calories during the day to stop sugar cravings etc. at night and then go prowling for more food just after a meal.

I thought my diet was actually really good with lots of raw juices, fruits and salads but as we went through and itemized what I ate for a day I discovered that my calorie intake was far less than adequate.

This left me ‘prowling’ the pantry and fridge most of the day and night looking to do one of the worst things in diets apparently – SNACKING!

Snacking means the digestive system doesn’t receive any relevant down time and consumes more energy than necessary. They both went on to explain in more detail why what I though was such a healthy diet was actually having adverse affects in my life.

On my run this morning I was reflecting on how important it is to have people in your life who are ‘outside of your awareness’ and who are willing to call you on your ‘discrepancies’

If I just associated with people on the same wavelength or comfort zone as me I would continue to do what I always do and not see outside my own blind spots.

This leads me to the importance of coaching. How much does not having a coach in your life cost you physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and so on? The most important part of any game is the coach. They see the game plan outside of your awareness – the bigger picture without the emotion and the smartest and easiest way for you to reach your desired goals because they have travelled that road themselves.

I am grateful for all the coaches in my life who push, challenge and support me. I surround myself with coaches for different areas in my life to keep me on top of my game.

Dean Powell