Are you enough?

What if I told you that you are whole complete exactly as you are? You are totally loveable and worthy of all you desire without needing to change anything except the illusion that you are not enough.

I work with some stunning looking clients and it always amazes me how little many of them feel about themselves because they perceive they are missing something inside.

Many women have a perception that they don’t fit the ‘model’ or ‘specifications’ of what society (magazines, men, women, colleagues, peers) specify as beautiful.

Some women I work with know they are attractive but feel that this is all they bring to the table, so without their ‘looks’ they have nothing. This can result in them being consumed with their physical appearance always looking to feel accepted by others.

A common theme I come across with women is they felt they were daddy’s little princess their whole childhood until they hit puberty and then were abandoned by their fathers.

Dad didn’t know how to handle periods and blood and the fact that his little girl was becoming a woman and so left them to their mothers to ‘deal with’


They then experience a sense of abandonment and go looking to replace that void most of their lives, often in unhealthy relationships.

The Quantum Shift Process I spoke about in the last newsletter works like nothing else I’ve ever come across to resolve this sense of abandonment. Check it our below and please get in touch if you’re called to create a better experience in your relationships.

Loads of love!


Dean Powell