“Cancer is not a death sentence it’s a life sentence” 

In today’s Blog I’m going to share about what happens if you try to ‘fight’ cancer

Before I do that for those of you who haven’t met me, my name is Dean Powell and I specialize in addictions and subconscious re-programming.

Addictions are not just drugs and alcohol, which is the first thing we think about when we hear the word addiction but all things addictive. Things like sugar, food, work, pharmaceuticals, exercise, relationships, sex, anger, dis-ease, depression and SO MUCH more.

And then what happens as a result of these addictions cab be one or a combination of the following: unhealthy relationships, isolation, loneliness, low self worth and deep disconnection from others and our-selves.

The reason I specialise in this is because many years ago I was addicted to Meth Amphetamines and Alcohol as well as a number of other things, before finally getting my shit together through a lot of concentrated effort.

After working in rehab centres for a number of years I realised that I could serve people better by working more holistically, helping them discover what void or missing-ness it is they are trying to fill with the things they are addicted to.


Ok so let’s get into it:

“Cancer is not a death sentence it’s a life sentence” 

 The first thing I want you to understand is cancer is not a death sentence.

Everything in this universe is energy. This has been observed and demonstrated through the science of Physics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and is summed up my Einstein’s formula of E=MC Squared. Energy and matter are the same thing.

So if everything is energy then everything is trying to live and be a part of life.

Everything has a purpose.


Cancer is no different. So if you try to ‘fight’ cancer it will fight back. It’s a natural tendency of every living organism.

The key is to see why this energy came into your life, love it and thank it. That’s right LOVE IT AND THANK IT!

Then it doesn’t need to be here anymore.

It comes into your life for a reason. It choses YOU for a reason.

And if you can create it - you can heal it!


I am currently working with a client who was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. After a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and a lot of surgeries and pain she was cleared and in remission.

She and her family made a great choice to change their diet to a plant based diet but didn’t do any emotional or ‘spiritual’ work to see what else lead to the cancer.

At the time they were in remission they heard about me through a mutual friend and client of mine who’d been diagnosed with stage 4 liver and bowel cancer. I was working with her to help clear the emotions around he cancer.

They heard the work we were doing was deep emotional work and seeing why the cancer had come into their lives to the point where my friend shared with her what a blessing the cancer had been. She has now been cleared of ALL cancer after facing certain death!


Fast forward to a few weeks ago and after a regular check up my client was given the shocking news that the cancer was back and now in her liver, spine and shoulder.

She realized that although still on a plant based diet she hadn’t done the emotional work behind ‘getting cancer’.

My friends reached out and asked if I’d help her in the same way I’d done for them.

Of course I LOVE this work and love to see what’s possible when you love something instead of fighting it so my answer was a resounding YES!


The first session we did was to clear any past hurt/resentment/shame/guilt/stories she was holding from childhood. (We all have them)

She got to see that she had an unacknowledged sense of abandonment around her dad and that it was affecting her relationship and so much more in her life now. She left the session seeing just how ‘wrong’ she had got it (a natural way we develop our ‘stories’) and cried as she thanked her dad for being exactly the way he was with her.


Our second session was on the cancer itself. I explained that the cancer is a living energy and it came to her for a reason, and so we set about finding that reason.

During the session, I asked her some high quality questions and as she answered, she was in tears and thanked the cancer for coming into her life. She got to see that it had actually come in to allow her to experience more love than she could have imagined and that it was ‘waking her up’ to what else was possible. She had expressed having such low self worth most of her life and the cancer (through this session) had changed that in an instant.

This might sound a bit woo woo however I promise you it is a very real and very grounded approach and SO much easier and FAR more effective than drugs or surgery could ever be.

We then did a couples coaching session with her husband to see that they were not living the relationship they truly wanted. Just though this acknowledgement, we unlocked a conversation that they needed to have to start shifting and LIVING their lives in a integrated way with each other.

So the most noticeable effect was how much lighter she looked after just a few sessions. I suggested I should be charging for facelifts ;-) The sessions are currently continuing but already she is on her way to clearing her cancer and changing her life!


Please understand the YOUniverse doesn’t make mistakes. It doesn’t fuck up. Everything that is happening to you is for a reason and if you can create it - you can heal it! My certainty of that is greater than your doubt.

Do we honestly believe that the universe was so busy performing a miracle whilst that painful experience was happening that it didn’t notice? Or that it does it to punish or harm us because we deserve it in some way? Come on.


EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Find that reason and the love in it and it doesn’t need to be there anymore.


Or you can just fight it and experience the fight back.  My clients now know a much easier way.

If you want more information or would like to reach out with questions please visit www.lifetorque.com.au or drop me a line at lifetorque@gmail.com

Dean Powell