Looking for love?

I had a client tell me about his dream before our session today. He spoke of being on a big ship and as he looked out into the ocean he saw a big black whale jump out of the water and nudge the ship a little. Not enough to damage it but it definitely pushed it around a little.

In dreams they say water represents emotion and he said he felt as though this whale was coming from his deep subconscious emotion to nudge him a little.

How ironic that the work we were about to do was on his estranged relationship with his dad.

His dad also worked as an engineer on a ship.

As we worked through the session he got to see that he’d perceived his dad was ‘holding back’ an element of love that he’d been searching for his whole life. This in turn affected his relationships and the degree to how much he could ‘let people in’

After the session he thanked his dad and said the love he thought was missing was never in fact missing at all except for the illusion he’d created by his “story’ of never feeling good enough.

We all create similar stories from what we perceive is missing from our childhood and it’s actually built on a lie.

The Quantum Shift Process goes back and shows you beyond doubt that what you thought was missing your whole life was in fact never actually missing and you have been chasing an illusion to try to fill it.

People look to relationships, sex, drugs, alcohol, food, pharmaceuticals and a million other ways to try to fill this void, but nothing works because the void is a lie.

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Until next time have an amazing day!

BIG love


Dean Powell