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My name is Dean Powell and I am committed to helping people break though their addictions and shed the patterns that have been holding them back in life.

Though my own journey I know it is possible to get beyond addiction, and get on with living a life you love.

If you're interested in breaking your addictions, you can start with reading my FREE eBook “Breaking the Chains of Addiction”.

This is a great guide that will help you to understand the factors that lead you into addiction and start to make changes that will help get yourself out of it and beyond addiction.

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Or feel free to contact me directly via email lifetorque@gmail.com or on WhatsApp +61 812 3676 8753

About Me

Growing up, I was regularly exposed to and on the receiving end of violence and abuse in my home. I left home as a teenager, and over time, became severely drug addicted. This later lead to alcoholism.

My addictions placed me in countless dangerous situations, made me incapable of sustaining intimate relationships, and left me suffering undiagnosed depression for many years. I have seen aspects of life and been made it though from the kinds of harm that many people only only hear and fear about.

After struggling to connect with the mainstream modalities of addiction rehabilitation, I sought more alternative healing which covered a broader holistic viewpoint. After breaking though my addiction, I later worked in mainstream rehab centres in Australia sharing my skills and knowledge to other people who were struggling with addiction.

Over many years I have studied intensely and bring knowledge, skills and compassion to my work as an addiction recovery mentor. This, combined with my personal experience, insight and humanity, allows me to hear and connect with those who seek me out for assistance and relief.

Over the years I have becomes skilled in many modalities and techniques and am a Addiction Recovery Mentor, Quantum Shift Facilitator, Beta Release Practitioner, Counselor, Educator, Relationship Coach and Author of ‘Shoot Up’ – an autobiography of my story from rock bottom to enlightenment.

Today, my life is a testament to self-empowerment and dedication to helping people from all walks of life to find inspiration from within. I am an experienced and sought after relationship Coach, author, educator and counselor with over twenty years’ practical experience working with individuals, couples, and groups.