What is addiction?

Addiction is defined as 'using an inappropriate substance or behaviour to avoid one’s perceived reality’ However I also believe it can be addiction to appropriate behaviours as well. I constantly work with people who have work, yoga, exercise and even spirituality addictions.  


Is addiction hereditary? 

There are many schools of thought out there that addiction is hereditary. They can also study the brains and nervous systems of people with addictions and find an imbalance but which came first? The imbalance or the addiction that created the imbalance? It is only hereditary in my opinion in the sense that my dad learned to avoid his problems using alcohol as did his dad and his dad etc. and then passed on that ‘unhelpful’ behaviour to me. 


Can a person be addicted to more than one thing at a time? 

Absolutely! I had a drug, coffee, alcohol, sex and sugar addiction all at the same time. 


Are drugs and alcohol bad? 

The important thing to understand is if I pour alcohol down the treat of a dead person it does nothing. It isn’t the drug, alcohol or the behaviour that is the problem it is the person using it. Some people can handle certain things and some can’t. Why? Maybe it’s in their ’Disposition’ or their makeup or maybe their upbringing. Maybe they were taught to handle life differently than others. It is often no longer the substance or behaviour that becomes addictive but the ritual of it all. We become cellularly addicted so our cells scream messages to the brain demanding more of the same or else! 


How do I stop the cravings? 

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Can I beat addiction? 

Of course anyone can beat any addiction - however they have to want to. Sometimes until the pain of where you are becomes greater than the fear of moving forward we just stay doing the same old thing. This is why I created the Addicitionary Program - click here to learn more!