Quantum Shift is a facilitated step-by-step process that transforms emotions, beliefs and thought patterns which are controlling you and determining your choices and direction. The process is based on universal laws and principles and scientifically designed to equilibrate the intellect. 

It opens your heart and mind to new directions, insights and purpose. It gives you a whole new perspective on why certain situations or circumstances happened to you in your life and why similar situations continue to transpire.

Our perception of a situation that occurred can leave us with crushing emotions such as guilt, resentment, anger, shame, fear, inadequacy, abandonment, and loss. These emotions can hold you back and prevent you from living the life you most desire as they control your mind and disable you from truly seeing and feeling.

These emotions can define how you feel about yourself and others and can block you from moving forward and experiencing anything different.

Undertaking Quantum Shift allows you to transform those feelings so that you can see another perspective. Quantum Shift gets to the root cause of your distress and chaos and brings an end to the cycles and patterns which keep repeating in your life. The shift enables you to be truly grateful for every circumstance of your life; it leaves you feeling grounded and humbled.

Quantum Shift instills you with certainty about who you are, and why you are here. It expands your awareness so that you can achieve your full potential, living a life that is inspired, meaningful and profoundly satisfying.

Why should you experience this?

The events and circumstances of our lives can really keep us stuck. Many of us realise this and seek guidance and support from different sources: workshops, seminars, lectures, books, counselling, and therapy. This searching for relief can be costly in terms of both money and time. Upfront costs for seminars and workshops are considerable, and weekly counseling sessions quickly mount up.

Often, despite our best efforts and commitment, the issues we have been trying to resolve (and sometimes, believe we have), resurface. Mostly at critical times in our lives and in ways which threaten to overwhelm us and undo the work we have done. Once again we find ourselves stuck and begin to fear that there really might not be a light at the end of the tunnel. When this happens we become susceptible to our stories – that is, to the scripts that run our lives. Stories such as, “no one loves me”, ” I don’t deserve to be happy”, “Everyone is just out to take what they can get”, “If I stand up for myself I’ll only be ridiculed”, “No matter what I do, nothing ever changes”, and so on and so on. It doesn’t take much to identify our stories – they express themselves in our judgements, our attitudes, and our beliefs. They are our dominant perceptions.

All of this was definitely true in my life. For many years I have been involved, both as a client and a facilitator, in all sorts of therapy and counseling: CBT, EFT, PCT, Group, Gestalt and more. I tried healing, Reiki, Kinesiology, meditation, yoga and so much more. I constantly struggled to let go of my story that I was unlovable, destined for failure or at least a mediocre life and that my father had mistreated me because he didn’t care.

I was fortunate to experience an approach to healing which let me truly examine this story rather than just repeat it and talk about it. I discovered that the story was a total illusion which I had created based on my inaccurate perceptions of what had happened to me. I was able to recognise this and shift my perceptions. My story was obliterated and my life began to move in the direction I had wanted it to for so long.

The process which made this possible in my life, is the one I have since spent many years studying and which I now facilitate for others. It is called Quantum Shift (because this is what each person experiences) and it belongs to the field of study known as Perceptionism.

The Quantum Shift process is a series of questions designed to isolate your story; identify exactly when and why you created it; see the truth you missed back then; shift your perceptions; and permanently resolve the frustrations, anger and resentments that have been causing you pain and distress. Through this process you will re-experience the distressing circumstance of your story and replace it with a different and profoundly satisfying experience. This new experience will be stored in your brain at a cellular level and will over-write the old story. It will be gone forever. And all in as little as one ninety minute session.



"Working with Dean on a personal experience was amazing.  Dean has the wonderful and unique ability to pin point what your biggest personal blockages are in a matter of minutes.

In three short sessions I had identified what my biggest blocks/issues were, why they existed and how significant they were to my functioning.  Then Dean was able to BLOW them out of my life and turn the experience into positive learning.

Through Dean I understood that everything is related to, and comes down to love.  Everything is connected to love; though you don’t always see it.  Actually sometimes it feels impossible to see that connection, but Dean shows you how.  Once you understand this and accept that everything happens for a reason, you can let go, move on and love wholly once again.

I highly recommend working with Dean and have referred my husband and close friends to him.  It is a life changing experience that everyone could benefit from undertaking."

Nicole Ashby - Perth, WA, Director, FIFO Families Pty Ltd

Dear Dean

I am writing to say a huge “thank you” to you for helping me over the past few months.

I am astounded at how much benefit I have received by having the Beta Releases and Quantum Shifts with you. So many areas of my life have changed for the better. I feel so much happier and centered in myself. I am finding that I am able to speak my truth and especially to people that I would have normally withheld my “Real Feelings” and because of this my relationships with the people that really matter in my life are becoming deeper and richer every day. I am amazed as I look back over the past couple months how much my life has improved and how much I have moved forward.

After doing a Quantum Shift on my ex-husband I actually received an apology from him two days later. In seven years this has never happened before. I was totally shocked and am totally convinced it would not have happened if I didn’t do that Quantum Shift on him two days earlier. Now we have the chance to co-parent our children in a more harmonious and balanced way. I don’t feel charged or angry towards him anymore. This is awesome as it allows healing for not only myself and my ex husband but our children as well. It’s a huge blessing for me to be free of the hurt, pain and angst from this time in my life. I can now see that it was all perfect and full of love.

I am now “finally” working on my life goal and dream which I have been procrastinating on for a long time. I feel focused and on track with my life and myself. I have also started a weight loss program and I am really enjoying embracing my new body and especially my new energy levels. All of this I believe has come from doing the work we have done together.

Just saying thank you somehow doesn’t feel enough to convey my gratitude; but I know that you will feel it in your heart. You are so kind, understanding and yet still very strong and solid in the work you do. I feel very safe and respected by you. So a huge, huge thank you to you for all you do. Please keep doing it so many people can have the freedom and peace that I feel.

Also if you ever need a potential client to chat to a client for a comment, recommendations etc please feel free to contact me. It would be my pleasure to share with them.

D Hawkins, Perth WA