Before working with Dean

After working with Dean

Before working with Dean

After working with Dean

Before working with Dean

After working with Dean

Before working with Dean

After working with Dean

Featured Testimonials

What Dean was able to help me do has led me on a path to the life that I always knew was in me but had no idea to get…… I can’t really explain the process to you but just give Dean a call and take it from there…..He has a heart of gold and meeting him has been one of the best experiences of my life.  

-Emma Driscol, Coaching Combinations

Just a quick note to let you know that you have worked miracles. You have helped me completely re-frame my feelings towards my father. I know that I could speak to anyone about him now and instead of feeling hurt and breaking down into tears, I now have a massive amount of gratitude for the person he made me be. I can also see and “feel” the love he must have had. You must share this amazing gift that you have with the world. There must be so many millions of people who are carrying “the burden” around in their body and their life and you my friend can be their salvation. Thank you again, you are truly gifted.

Dylis Guyan

Working with Dean on a personal experience was amazing. Dean has the wonderful and unique ability to pin point what your biggest personal blockages are in a matter of minutes.   In three short sessions I had identified what my biggest blocks/issues were, why they existed and how significant they were to my functioning. Then Dean was able to BLOW them out of my life and turn the experience into positive learning. I highly recommend working with Dean and have referred my husband and close friends to him. It is a life changing experience that everyone could benefit from undertaking.

Nicole Ashby, FIFO Families Pty Ltd

Thank you so much for what you did for me today. Along with skill, you bring your warm, empathetic spirit.   I’m feeling expanded and vibing confidence in my authentic self and seeing my Dad completely differently. I never saw his pain before. I now feel proud that he’s my Dad.   I appreciate that you’re benefiting the world with your work. The ripples spread.

Nicola Farquharson, Perth Western Australia

Beta Release Testimonials

Beta release constantly awakens my internal divinity. It wakes me up evolving me physical mentally and spiritually with truth. Working with Dean is an amazing experience and journey to awaken your soul and evolve. The measure of how much my life has changed since working with Dean just blows me away and humbles me with tears. With love trust and thanks to the universe I thank you Dean for your dedication to evolving and profoundly changing my life waking me up and allowing me to see. 

Zita Bush, Perth, Western Australia

The Beta Release process was amazing! ‘It silenced my internal chatter and gave me the chance to really listen to myself’
I now get it. This year has changed and saved my life and my marriage.
I talk, hear, see and react to it all differently – I look outside the box.

Sally Medlan, Kenesiologist, Beverley, Western Australia

Couples Counselling Testimonials








Before my Couples session with Dean I was on the verge of leaving my partner and felt our challenges were insurmountable During the time we spent together Dean has shown me the value of my feelings and how to communicate in a way that is profound, effective and powerful.Now I am in a loving committed relationship and look forward to working on life’s challenges, because I know we have a relationship that is strong enough to handle anything. I have learned that avoidance is not a coping strategy. I can say with my hand on my heart that I love my man more now than the day I met him, and this is because of the insights we have gained together in our couples work with Dean.I would recommend working with Dean to anyone looking to improve their relationships. Even if that means having a deeper relationship with self – we are all in relationship with someone.

Rosanne Dirou, Property Developer, Perth, Western Australia

Training Workshop Testimonials

I attended the Life Alignment workshop in Perth. I found my experience so enlightening and I’m finding that I am more aware of things happening in my every day life. I have a new sense of choice & freedom intergrating into my being & awareness.
So excited to be part of this group of very special people – THANKYOU for inviting me.

Kelly Lee, Hairdresser, Perth, Western Australia

Truly from my heart thank for doing the work you do. The Life alignment seminar opened my heart and the richness of life came flooding in!
In your hands I felt so safe and I felt i could trust you completely through the whole process. To be able say “I’m grateful for the life I have lived” is something I thought I would never never feel nor say and actually mean it. I have so much love and trust in life now, I can proudly say I am happy to be here and be alive. 

Zita Bush, Perth, Western Australia

Hi I’m Susan. I attended the most recent life alignment course in Perth. I was the difficult one. I am feeling really good about what I learned and how amazing and powerful this work that Dean Powell shares with us really is. 

Susan Broughton, Perth, Western Australia

Quantum Shift Testimonials

First I would like to thank you for helping me to heal and shift. I am feeling much lighter and brighter. I think you are fantastic at what you do and your technique is very effective. Gentle but straight into it which I felt was very impacting and wonderful all at the same time. Thank goodness we have souls like yourself on the Earth at this time helping others to remember their true soul self.
My session with you has helped me to see and feel life through a very different perspective and I am very grateful for that Dean, so thank you.


Kylie, Perth, Western Australia

It’s amazing how one thing can make such a difference to your life. I saw Dean Powell from Life Torque for an alignment this morning and wow what a difference, I feel energised and ready to tackle the next challenge of my life. Thanks Dean.

Nathan Cain, Real Estate, Perth, Western Australia

As I write this I feel an abundance of gratitude flowing through my body and have you to thank for that. The clarity you have assisted me in achieving has been amazing. Thank you again, you are great at what you do!

Simon Dimonski, Perth, Western Australia

I wanted to say what a remarkable experience it was to sit and listen to
you and the other men on your panel share their stories and be so
vulnerable in a public forum. I was deeply moved by those stories and I can’t tell you how heartening it is to see men being role models from that space.

Sue Crock, Counsellor, Perth, Western Australia

I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for your help.

Elisha Thompson, Perth, Western Australia

Thank you soooo much for our session the other day. I will say I find the work you do harder than anything else I’ve tried. It feels so deep!!! But you encourage and love me the whole way through.
I’ve been integrating these past days, and am feeling some significant shifts. Again, thank you so much. Sending so much love to you and your family

Callan Rush, Seminar Presenter, BC, Cananda

Dude wow! just had dinner with one of my board colleagues and good mates from angelhands inc and she was telling me how this guy changed her life – through quantum mechanics etc etc.. and it was you – random or WHAT.. thought you would like to know her name is Nic Habberley.

Kirsten Shearn, Perth, Western Australia

My wonderful friend,
Tonight, I am very grateful that you have touched my life. I hope to make you proud. Thank you for loving me, Dean. Cos I fuckin’ love you!!! You’re in my thoughts and heart. Much love

Chris Murphy, Singer/Song Writer, Perth, Western Australia

I am grateful for the act of love the other day, it kept us both safe.
and I’d just like to say that I really appreciate the things you have made me own over the last few years, I would not be the person I am now with out it. The questions make me be a better person, remove the mask and listen to the excuses I tell myself. I am more aware of myself and have moments where I am not caught up in myself or anyone else’s.

Sally Medlan, Perth, Western Australia

Grief can be debilitating and to hold onto grief can be the worst thing. Today I took a major step
forward in releasing that grief and being grateful. Thanks Dean Powell for working your magic.

Carol Mirco, Perth, Western Australia

Hi Dean! Thanks for the great work you do and sharing the amazing wisdom and knowledge you have.

Suzanne Martlew, Perth, Western Australia

Thank you for your time today. The session was really powerful for me and I really appreciate the impact you’ve made. After you left, I said this to myself;
‘I am who I am because of the life I have lived – I live the life I love because of who I am’ and I think that sums it up pretty well, in fact that might be my new mantra along with ‘I am a great woman, I love me x’ at the end 😉
Thanks again Dean & do definitely keep in touch.

I met Dean half way through 2009 where he helped me escape my past so I could see my future. I was so stuck and thought I knew it all but like most of us, I didn’t.

I can’t thank Dean enough for helping and guiding me over that time. The work I did with him in 2009 brought me closer to my family, which is something I have strived for my whole life. It brought me clarity and focus with my career and in 2010 I opened my own independent Telstra dealership, which was a dream come true. The focus and drive needed was a direct result from the work I did with Dean.

Recently I have found myself in the most serious situation of my life. I had fallen away from my work and lost focus and clarity. After reconnecting with Dean I’ve found love and gratitude in my situation and surroundings once again.

Dean’s attitude is inspiring. He knows when to help you but more importantly when to back off and let you do the work yourself. When I wasn’t there for myself Dean was.

If you are ever stuck and need help unlocking the true you, if you want to lead a life beyond what you have now and if you need some assistance in realizing your dreams then spend some time with Dean Powell.

My family and myself are grateful that you never gave up on me Dean and I promise not to give up on myself again and to continue to do my work.
Love and gratitude to you and yours,

Steven Crowe, Director, Perth, Western Australia

Leila Glover, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Bali, Thailand & USA

Thank you. I´m so grateful for the gift you have of shifting peoples perceptions, it really works and you helped me on so many levels, I feel the shift. Love you so much and think you are an amazing blessing in my life.

Shanti Allen, Bali, Indonesia

Thank you so much for checking in with me. There has been so much shifting taking place over the last couple months…as well as learnings/awareness. I am so excited and am filled with joy to be on my path (and in such a better place and connected) and to have such wonderful people such as yourself that are helping me with my journey. Thank you, I am filled with gratitude. My hair follicles are jumping with excitement and ready to break through and show themselves very soon. 
Much love to you!

Jodi Paisley, Toronto, Canada

Thank u for today.Ur amazing and make me see things so different and clearly I am looking forward to being me and actually discovering more of me again I know everything else will flow from there. Thank u so much for you wisdom and guidance. Thank u for today. Ur amazing and make me see things so different and clearly I am looking forward to being me and actually discovering more of me again I know everything else will flow from there. Thank u so much for you wisdom and guidance.

Julie Hawke, Perth, Western Australia